Ten YouTube Songs To Listen to When You are Feeling Moody on a Monday

Monday, September 19, 2016

Good Morning Beautiful People! And may all the lads and ladies are having an awesome Monday today! Well, it is almost the end of September and although I am a bit wary that the month will end and still I have a lot of things left undone,life is good. 

So today, I am hoping that you are up and bubbling over the hustle of a busy Monday. Well, to some, Monday is probably one of the dreaded days of the week. We cringe to the mention of it which is way different to the welcome of a fresh and inviting Friday...oh the comfort of the name.

But hey Friday may be too far from today, we can give Monday a.k.a. Monsterday a little hack to make it more bearable or even add F (fun) to it and call it a Fonday. Cheezy but just allow me. okay? LOL! 

Here's what we can do. MUSIC. Psychology have confirm that music helps change the way people feel. Listening to the right song can make you get up and dance, elevate your mood from being sad to happy and even makes you remember good memories. Rollin McCraty and Barrios-Chopin  on their study on Mood and Music, concluded that music reduce fatigue and stress, decrease anxiety, improve mental clarity and enhance emotional well being.

And when you are feeling moody and unmotivated, treat yourself to a good list of your favorite songs and enjoy your Monday ;) so here are my ten favorite youtube song I listen to when I am feeling moody on a Monday. 

Have a Wonderful Monday Everyone! I would love to know what your favorite songs are and if you want to share you can leave a comment or send me a message. Till Next Time!


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