Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Have nothing in your house/life that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." - William Morris
Everyday as I learn about living simple and minimalist I realized that decluttering objects in your life is not the only key to find that calm and purposeful living. It also includes downsizing emotional and mental excess so one can make room for a meaningful existence.
So last week I started to downsize on unhealthy habits that I believe to cause my life less peaceful.
#1 Talk less - I started to intentionally listen more in my conversation with people and less on expressing my views. I tried to have a meaningful conversation by knowing and trying to understand people and life through their perspective rather than me imposing mine. And I realized that at the end of the day, I am more calm and accepting.
#2 Less Time on the Internet - I know in this age of technology awareness, it is often hard to stay away from something that seems to be so available. But I am doing my best to develop a system that would keep me away from the internet when I don't need to, I call it purposeful browsing. I would give myself one hour early in the morning to check my email, read facebook updates, reply to messages and blog if I have more time. Then I turn off online activities and do something else.
#3 Consume less - This is where I do my best to be mindful of what I consume and use in a daily basis. I keep in mind that I share my space with other people in the world. So, I try to consume as less as I can so others can also benefit from the resources such as water, electricity and food.
#4 Less Worrying - so there are so many things to be worried about, I know. But I chose to live one day at a time. I survive  yesterday, so what makes today different. right?
#5 Spend less - this is where I used the power of pause and the art of conscious spending. Before I spend I ask myself these questions. Do I need it? will it serve a purpose? does it spark consistent happiness? would it benefit other people as well? If I get NO to all these questions, then it isn't necessary.
Being a minimalist is a lifestyle. It is not either depriving yourself. An author once said, "Don't let minimalism shackle you as well as the excess of things". For me the key is being able to find balance and moderation so we can be conscious about the space we share with other people and live a mindful and purposeful living.

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