Sunday, September 11, 2016

Recently, I fell in love with the minimalist lifestyle. It was even before I knew that there is a community of people who chose to live a simple, uncomplicated, clutter free lifestyle. Well, I have always love collecting things bags, clothes, shoes, makeup, books, school supplies and all sorts of things down to a collection of a dozen or more needles. Although it wasn't really the expensive kind I collect, I still ended up spending almost half of what I should have spent on more necessary and important things. So I found myself drown in so many things I didn't even realized I had and the clutter became tolerable until it is not anymore.
Actually the realization of it came to me when two years ago, I had to go back home to get my cancer treatment. All I had was a small carry on suitcase that had everything that I ever needed. Turns out  I never needed anything more and it didn't matter to me that I had to wear the same clothes every time I leave the house. And I wasn't even dressing shabby just to say ;) in fact I was one of the prettiest and gorgeous chemo gal in the club and that is true because my doctor said so. LOL!
So after my treatment I thought I would continue living life in a suitcase. But it wasn't the same. Once I got back to mainstream I realized that there are so many things I didn't wan't to miss so I started collecting again. But it didn't feel the same. Every time I buy myself something, I would realized later that it is not what I want, that it doesn't make me happy, then I will go back and buy more. The cycle goes on and on.
Then I came across an article that talked about, holding on to things and the freedom of letting go. To be honest, it wasn't that easy letting go. So, I took small steps and started decluttering. I did ended up with piles of what was once "my life". And I was ready  to let go, one to giveaway and most of it were trash that was squatting in my life for a long time. And so that day, I finally started to learn how to let go. I know, I am way too far from being the minimalist. It is a long, long process... I might not get there. But right now, I can work with modest. And it gives me a sense of joy and peace. Welcome to my journey.

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