Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hey beautiful people! today I am going to challenge myself on a shopping ban since the month of September just started, and so far I have only bought myself a Mildliner Marker which is totally non-essential and obviously bought on an impulse. The thing is, I have a weakness for school supplies and although I have already gotten rid of an impulse to shop for makeup, clothes, bags and shoes school supplies always gets through me. To rationalize, its not that expensive really, but you still spend your money for it regardless.

So, what else can a minimalist aspirant do but to embark on a shopping ban challenge and see how far I can go without buying things that are not essential. I was reading Cait Flanders blog about how she successfully did two years of shopping ban and paid her debts and so I was inspired and challenged to do the same.

Okay, I know for some of us we become better spenders ;) I know I am, but I learned a secret and that is to live within what we can afford and spend only for essentials to save for a greater need. Yes, I have heard that frugal is the new trend so yes, yes, yes, I conform. LOL! Also, for me it is very important to live low key since for now I decided to work part time and rather spend most of my time doing research and volunteer work which is obviously no pay ;) but very rewarding in a greater sense (at least for me) ;)

Well anyways, for the next couple of months I will be documenting every inch of my spending and see if I can accomplish a few months of shopping ban. The rule is to make a list of items and categorize them into essential buy list, non-essential buy list and approved shopping list (see more details @ The Ultimate Shopping Ban Guide by Cait Flanders ) my approved shopping list would include purchases that we as a family have already been planning for a long time and is not anything that I would like to have for myself. there. ;)

So wish me luck. And if you are interested to join me in this challenge please feel free to hop in and share your experience by leaving a comment or sending me a message. Have Wonderful September Everyone!

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