September Thoughts: Minimalist Challenge

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Hey guys! September's finally over and to be honest it felt like the month went by so fast. Well anyways, in my previous blog post (which I eventually deleted for some reasons) I talked about taking on a Shopping Ban  for the month of September and today I wanted to share my thoughts about it.

First of all, it was not really that hard for me because no. 1 if you don't have that much money you are kind of like forced to be frugal and simple in a way... right?  LOL but sometimes it is also where the problems start. If you're like me, so little funds ;) and you want everything on pinterest then that is hard to challenge yourself with.

Okay when I decided to take on the Minimalist Lifestyle,  I did what everybody in the minimalist community are doing, I started de-cluttering. And that was when I realized I have spend or I say waste all my hard earned money on stuffs that didn't really serve a purpose. For example the two bags of Daiso products that I accumulated over the years. I was really reluctant to let it go but I guess it is worth the lesson I have learned. I know its not that expensive  but sometimes we get so distracted with the little things that we don't even know we are wasting our time, effort and money on them. So I let go of my usual "daiso" run and focus on things that I really need.

Also the feeling of temporary euphoria is the hardest to break. The intense feeling of happiness and excitement of buying new things is so addicting. And I am not saying it is always bad. To be honest, I would always get that feeling every time I get out of a book store with a book or two. But I learned that it is how things affect your life and how enduring it is. So when you tend to forget about it in a week or two... then that is something you probably acquire in an impulse. I learned that of all the things you needed to have, what you do with them and how it makes you feel is the most important thing to consider. Marie Kondo would say "what sparks joy". Lesson learned, you don't always have to let go of everything nor deprived yourself. Think about how relevant it is in your life and hang on to it. I keep my books, its who I am and I don't have to feel bad about it ;) But with that, I also had to sacrifice and remind myself to avoid stuffs that aren't relevant anymore. Now, I am more mindful of the things I wanted to acquire and how I want my life to be influenced by it.

" The question of what you want to own is actually
the question of how you want to 
live your life."
Marie Kondo

I did find myself getting myself a few stuffs... technically husband did:) and it sparks joy ;)

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