Organic Beauty Switch

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hey beaugorgeous!  it has been a very long hiatus for me but I am back to share with you my favorite organic, cruelty free beauty switch. As some of you may have known, I have been downsizing on my beauty routine and have been choosing  "health and animal friendly" product just so I get to control myself and avoid getting overwhelm and haul  tons and tons of product that I end up not using.

Well, its really part of the change I wanted to make, I thought that if I cut on my beauty routine and choose to use as less product as I can then I will have more time to spend on something else like reading, going for a walk, do some sports, bullet journal (a  new hobby I have been so crazy about) cook, and more. And yup, it would seemed like I am also downsizing on my blog updates as well, but life has become a slow pace for me for a while and I like that I can be as rush as I want or as chill  as I have always been most of the time.

Anyways, I have made a few changes with the products that I use. And I am happy that there's been a lot of companies that produce products that are cruelty free and organic or at least are less toxic. So here are my personal picks.

Yves Rocher Organic Oats Silky Lotion - Okay, so I am a 35 year old menopause, no shame about that lol! and it is important for me that I keep my skin smooth and healthy. I can skip all the makeup hulabaloos but lotion is a must... so you know... you get to maintain STILL that youthful glow. What I love about  it is that it claims to contain ph balance for the skin and is paraben free. I also love that it smells nice in a subtle way so you don't need to load on perfume. I've repurchase this product for a couple of times already and it also comes with three different variety.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer - with all honesty, I am not really crazy about this product. they claim that it is lightweight but I don't know for me it feels so heavy  and is super oily. Well, the fact that it is also humid where I am so a fair review might not be possible. However, if you are going for a light and non-coverage makeup (well it is a moisturizer so coverage is off the issue) then this one will work just fine. I do use this product... my go-to actually since I couldn't yet find a replacement that works better and is organic. Besides I needed to finish it to the bottom to finally get a new one (that is me working the minimalist ;)) However, what I like about it is that it contains natural ingredients and it nourishes your skin. It kind of work like a skin balm. And it does makes your skin feels soft after you wash it off.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara -  Well this one I got on the  spur of the moment... yes I still get spur of the moment every once in a while that habit you relapse to but a little controlled. And nope not the same beauty shop crazy woman who goes on a rampage with a mission to haul whatever is on the shelf... I got that one tamed ;) anyways, the thought that it is organic makes you think that at least what you put next to your eyes is not that harmful. I love it and totally batting my eyelash on this one.

Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil - it is a brand from South Korean and it claims to be a natural-oriented product. They have tons of beauty products from skin care to makeup. But I did just picked the one that I needed (self control is the key) plus I was a little tight on cash so can't do anything more. The motto is, what is not in the list, can't go in the bag ;) So what I love about it is that their products claim to be made of natural ingredients. In fact it is South Korea's first all natural brand and I am excited that finally there is a whole lot of products I can chose from any time I needed it.

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