Weekend Treat and The Spirit of the Tree

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hey beaugorgeous! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Mine is a little uneventful. Well besides doing the usual house chores and trying to be productive I am a little bit undecided whether to put up a... our christmas tree this year. I know, how can I even be so undecided about it. right? what a grinch. LOL! its just that a lot of things are going on this year and I have been pretty caught up with things I needed to do and putting up a tree seemed like another chore (sigh)

Anyways, while a sit here trying to make up my mind on a relevance of a tree... a christmas tree as that of which I used to be fond of, I would like to share a wonderful treat from my garden they don't usually bloom so when something like this happen it  makes me very happy and thankful for the beautiful things in life. And yes, it is its novelty that makes it all the more special.

Well, I could sit here all day basking at the beauty of this simple thing and yet continue to wonder... should I  put up the tree already... decisions, decisions... and yet you wonder how could I even think like this. Okay so this is probably the busiest year for me since I get back to mainstream and yes it can be overwhelming. And since that I am pretty sure that husband and I are going to be caught up in our own little work capsule bubble I thought that christmas can be put aside this year... and excuses inserted, I don't have time for christmas shopping, and the christmas dinner... I feel like I am haunted by the spirit of the burnt food of my christmas past and Kenny G bursting his windpipes playing christmas carols in the barckground doesn't seemed to be working either... oh my what has chemo done to my brain. This is so not me! I love chrismtas trees! I worship the christmas balls, the fake tree, pine cones and the lights the lights! LOL!

I need to make that decision so I guess 'tis time for a town hall meeting... rally the husband and the dog and hope for a fair consensus. LOL! Well, hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend and always remember hope is a waking dream. (ooohhhh I am so back)  :)

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