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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hey beaugorgeous! Happy Sunday! I am having a low key Sunday at home which basically translates to doing a ton of reading. And because I am bored I decided  to share my current Weekend read which is  Deborah Harkness' All Souls Trilogy  A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night and The Book of Life.

I got the complete set from my latest scavenging at the flea market and got it at a very, very, surprisingly affordable price. And yes, I salvage and adopt abandon, old, unwanted, used books because they deserve a home besides that I can't always afford the new ones :)

Anyways, the All Souls Trilogy tells about Diana and Matthew who is a witch and a vampire and their fight against the congregation which is against their relationship because of an old rule that creatures such as witches, vampires and daemons should not marry other creatures except their own. Yes, an adult version of the Twilight Saga. The story is about love, acceptance, diversity and unity that although we come from different backgrounds, races and beliefs we can all come together for a common good. (okay okay I am not going to do a book review here). It is however a very interesting read.  A vampire and a witch falling in love, meeting the inlaws oneside a vampire who can feast on you anytime and the other are witches who can make you disapear, step children, daemon friends, lurking ghost of a great grandma, a haunted house, angry wizards and an angry vampire brother inlaw. And and and... conspiracy. Would you think that Lazarus that man who rose from the dead can be a vampire? I mean what creature can come back from being dead? Vampires! (high pitch witchy voice) okay I am joking... its just that this book is so mind boggling you start thinking things.........

Also, Deborah Harkness in this book introduces Darwin's theory of evolution in a whole different perspective. Get this... the theory is that originally there are four kinds of dominant creatures in this world; humans, witches, vampires and daemons. However we kind of evolve to fit to our society so everyone adapted and therefore live as live ordinary lives... but somehow these creatures stands out in a way... oh well... ;) I am not going into this... LOL!

Well actually one of the other things that really attracted me to it is because it is a historical-fantasy novel which I love of all the genres. Think time travel and  going places. There is no limit to the imagination. Yes, travelling at no cost at all. Ain't that frugal? LOL!

Well, I have no intentions of writing a book review on this...yet! I might ;) but not just today. I feel like writing too much details will suck the life out of me. LOL!

So finally moving on, on to other things, we finally decided to have our tree this year and  there's a lone christmas ball on it at least. And I don't see such a rush to get it done any time soon. Well, maybe I can declare the first day of December an official christmas tree day and force husband to take part...well actually he is not a christmas tree guy either. And sometimes I think that he is the grinch in disguise... but I don't really care... he's my grinch...ooh would that make me mrs. grinch? LOL! and please excuse me for writing like a twelve year old :) the lady has to chill here ;)

Well there's goes my weekend in words :) Hope you have a wonderful one as well. And remember, grab life and beat it with humor. Be creative, explore, create and edit your own endings. And most of all have fun!

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