August Book Haul

Monday, August 17, 2015

hey guys! I have been hibernating the past few days. Well, I have somehow decided to take multiple breaks from social media and the internet world since I needed a lot of time to rest and relax and calm myself. I know blogging somehow relaxes me but  I needed to have some time to just sit and do nothing but read ;) and yes I got my hands full with some other things too. So my life is pretty much up on the waist and I am wading happy through all the simple stuffs I do. And yes, been a little sick too due to muscle pain and what-nots. Seems like my recovering body can't keep up with my hyper self  :) that is why I needed to halt and rest my nerves ;)

Anyways, hibernating season won't be complete without a few reads from some of my favorite writers and of course some book adventures. So, my Ryan and I had a little trip to the bookshop and got a few books to read for this month. And yes, we did get it from a book sale. We ran into a clearance sale and got the books for 9 baht per book... I know right? I almost faint for joy! but although it wasn't that much expensive we still had to pick the best ones or just ended up with someone else's trash. Something to keep in mind when "picking". So here are my favorite pick for this month. 

These are my to do reads for this month. And please allow me a little time to scan through the pages and I will do a little review and my personal thoughts and reflection on it.

It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it"
-Oscar Wilde

Have a wonderful Monday beautiful people!

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