Easy To Make Post Workout Meal

Friday, September 11, 2015

Hey guys! hope you are having a wonderful Friday. So I am slowly getting back on my home workouts and have been experimenting with easy and as much as possible healthy recipes for someone like me who can't cook ;) and since I am taking more time on my workouts, I needed something to fill my body with the right combination of food. And as some of you may known, I have been trying to stay on a vegan/vegetarian diet for a while. However I have noticed that when I work out really hard my body tend to get a little weak and I get dizzy a lot. So a long time ago I decided to incorporate eggs on my diet. 

And just lately, I wasn't able to play and workout due to muscle fatigue and pain so just lately again, I decided to incorporate fish on my diet. And I am back like a mean machine baby! LOL! Yes, I have finally decided to include fish on my diet although I do have restrictions on what kind of fish I eat and still I have to say NO to chicken and any kind of meat and I've been clean of it for a year now. Yey!

So here, I made a post work out meal of tuna and vegetables. Here, I sauteed in olive oil some mix vegetables and added some tuna. And set aside...

Then I defrost an all purpose dough which I got from Tesco and put it in a pan. No oil needed and wait till it becomes brown and appropriately cooked.

Put the mix vegetable into it and fold...there you have an after workout meal...easy to make and healthy too.

Have a fantastic Weekend everyone! and remember...
"just take life as it comes, expect the unexpected." 

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  1. What do you mean, you can't cook? Lol I've tried and tasted and your food are always yummy. These looks really yummy too and yep! I am hungry. xx
    Love you xx