Vegetarian: Fried Rice (in Olive Oil)

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Good morning beautiful people! I am finally back from a "long holiday." Actually I just decided to stay under the radar for a couple of days to spend my time on some other things like being with family and of course a great deal of reading ( book review will be up soon) I hope ;) Anyways I wish all is well and having the greatest time! So this week I decided to share my healthy, easy and must try vegetarian recipes.

Vegetarian Fried Rice

What you need:
Spices ( I use my homemade all spice)
Sesame Seeds
Cashew nuts
Boiled Rice (left over or whatever you prefer)

In the pan, pour in some olive oil. Saute the spices such as the garlic and onions. Add the nuts, diced carrots and mushrooms. Stir until the carrots and mushrooms are cooked. Then add a little bit of rice. Mix and stir. Then slightly make a gap in the middle of the pan and add the beaten eggs. Wait till eggs are cooked and stir altogether. When everything is well mixed, sprinkled with black sesame seeds and some spices then plate. 

Vegan Banana Jackfruit Pancake

And here's a sweet treat for your extra special breakfast :) just make some batter as you would do for your pancake. Just substitute your dairy mike with almond or cashew milk. Add 1/4 a kilo of jackfruit a banana or more. Enjoy!

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