Vegetarian: Quick Fix to Common Cravings

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Good morning! Its been 10 months already that I have completely stayed away from meat (yey) but I can't really say that it's an easy ride. Sometimes there are those days that you just want to grab a bucket of KFC and devour those chicken thighs like you are the last caveman. And yes, it takes a lot of determination and self talk to remind yourself that the feeling that comes after giving in is going to be ugly. So, I stick to my go-to craving fix that ditch the meat but still get the feel that it is the KFC that you eat ;)

Here's my favorite Battered Mushroom and Fried Tofu in Cashew and Almond Bits. The ingredients are exactly the same as you do for your battered chicken. However, I do added some nuts to add some crunch to it. 

What you need: 

Fresh Girolle Mushroom (sprinkled with a little bit of sea salt and spices) or
Soy Bean Tofu (marinated in vegan barbecue sauce)

For the batter (the same as what you would make for your battered chicken) just add
Spices (oregano, sesame, parsley, thyme, or anything you prefer)
Nuts (cashew nuts and almonds)

Dip the mushroom or the Soy bean Tofu into the batter and fry.

*for frying I use Canola Oil since it has high heat tolerance. Just make sure you read the label and pick one that contains omega 3 and healthy fats. And I prefer to use the oil only once. High heat often changes the oil chemical content thus increasing the concentration of trans-fat. Also, olive oil is not good for frying at high heat unless indicated.

So, there goes my go-to comfort food whenever I feel the "urge" to gobble some chicken thighs. And yes, it does taste like chicken...even better ;)

And remember to get high on fruits and vegetable and add H2o to that too. Have a wonderful day beautiful people! hugs and kisses

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  1. Now, now! This looks yummy and the idea of adding nuts is awesome. You really is a STAR! I love you. xx

    1. Thanks gorgeous ;) I needed to experiment with food to satisfy my "fastfood" cravings. And it works. Thankfully ;) So I don't need to suffer that much those times I crave for a Mcchiken thigh. eheheh. I love you big time!