You and Me and a Puppy - Just Us Three

Friday, November 18, 2016

My Ryan and I, although we are always together at school and basically anywhere we go, we see to it that we spend time together (not doing work). Family time is very important to us specially spending time, undivided time with our little dog Kodi. So, weekends are always spent with just the three of us. Whether it is going out to a low key brunch our just spending time at home reading and cooking our favorite food and goodies and of course our little Kodi would be so happy to follow us around ;) 

Most weekends we usually treat ourselves to a local restaurant and of course the little one tags along and he was very excited specially when friends come by and gave him a "little" attention. He loves it when everyone is over him. He would happily wag his tail and like any other dog... going home is not the happiest part.

Cheap but very delicious Thai restaurants are our favorite go to because we call ourselves the frugal super friends ;)

Most of the time our weekends  are spent looking for new places to dine (yup we love food a lot) and hunting for non-too-commercialized coffee shops Ryan would call the starbucks killers. 

And yes, we always appreciates a furkid friendly place where we can hang out as a family. And so far we haven't been denied to any place because of our little one. Well anyways, I do believe that families can be anything and there is no telling to how much it can be extended... I am thinking felines?iguanas? a camel? an owl? or just us... me, him and a little dog.

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  1. You've got a beautiful family, my lovely. Frugal best friend - I love that! You can count me in too. Lol
    It's also nice to see you back in blogging world. Keep them coming. 😘

    Love from domesstique people. X