How We Spend Our (typical) Weekend No Children Required

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Ryan and I have always been home buddies ;) we hate going out and both of us believe that books are the cheapest way to travel besides the fact that we both also believe that thrift deals and clearance sales are mana from heaven LOL! obviously our weekend leisure involves things we can find and we can do within the neighborhood. So Saturdays and Sundays are  best spent at the tennis court and the backyard. Yes, yes and yes... we love to enjoy and have a lot of fun yet spend less. We are like the frugal superfriends ;)

And like any other weekends we trek around the house and would often find DIY surprises sitting in the garage,  must be the builders who fix the house ;) and I know how? just look at the screws, if there's any other use for it LOL!looks like a good DIY idea eyh? and yup I will definitely replicate minus the screw perhaps... the fact that drills are specially ban for me ahahah. 

and of course the little one needs some  attention too... as if he doesn't get so much of it already ;)

And also weekends is when I make food from scratch. So here we have some left over pasta sauce that I used for some recipe. I got little bit left and I wanted to consume it before it spoils so I thought I'll make brunch out of it.

I made some pasta. Boiled it like we commonly do... (it's not rocket science)

Then sauteed some garlic and onions into the pan and add the left over pasta sauce.

When the pasta is already cooked, add it into the pan and put the fire into low heat. I don't usually rinse the pasta with cold water anymore. I just make sure I don't over cook it so it won't become soggy. Mix into the sauce in low heat until the sauce is absorbed.

Plate it with  some sunflower sprouts or other greens and a piece of muffin and voila! brunch from scratch ready to serve.

And since we were only eating for two, we go some left overs. So I just stored it in the jars and we have food for a couple of days ;)

HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK EVERYONE and YES weekend is just around the corner and me sitting here with my thinking hat planning for it already ;)

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  1. That sounds like a fab weekend indeed. You can't beat a time well spent together. Thanks goodness you're banned from drills. I am one too. Lol Pasta sounds divine and Kodi is such a good looking pup!

    Love from me and Olivia xx

    1. Thanks Love :) drills are no no for me at least this time. But I am itching to finally dig use it one day like dig some good holes on the wall. ahahahha. I miss you and thanks for coming over :) I love you girls.