Easy Vegan Salad

Friday, March 27, 2015

Gooood Morning Wonderful people! Yep I am excited like that! who wouldn't be? weekend around the corner y'all and that only means, family time and finally, finally after eating mostly solo for a few days, Ryan will get to taste my home cook meals and he's got the whole seat for himself the whole weekend. So, I am very excited to try some new vegetarian/vegan recipes, and I can't wait to show off my new skills in the kitchen. Which by the way, only consist of having to saute, grill or roast some mushroom and veggies. But when you go vegetarian/vegan you have got to do a lot of convincing that it might look weird sometimes? but it sure is healthy and tasty. So, here are some recipes that I have tried, tasted, and proven to be good to the health and tasty as well.

My Very Own Garden Fresh Mushroom Salad. This is very easy to do. Into the pan, caramelize in olive oil a good portion of garlic. Then add the mushroom. Season with your favorite herbs and spices ( mine consist of dried coriander power, Japanese all spice, black pepper, and a little bit of cayenne pepper)

Then on a separate bowl. Mix a generous amount of green such as lettuce, spinach, bokchoy, etc. whatever you wish ;) then add the sauteed mushroom. Top with almond Parmesan to substitute the need for dairy cheese.

Then you can roast some potatoes. Simply slice some potatoes into squares. Drizzle it with olive oil, add some sea salt and some thyme. Put in a non stick pan on a low heat fire. Constantly turn your potatoes over to keep it from burning. And there you go. One healthy meal done. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and stay on the brighter side ;)

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  1. That looks yummy! I'm sure loved it. xx I really need to sit and go through all of your yummy post. I will definitely try them.

    Mwaaah xx

  2. Thanks for the love and support Love. I am happy you love it. And please do let me know when you tried it. I would be happy to know how it turn out :) hugs and kisses!