The Lazy Cook: Tofu Spinach Pasta

Friday, February 06, 2015

I have been randomly posting stuffs lately I know. But there seems to be so much going not going on and right now I feel like I can just write whatever I find myself musing about. I have so far develop so many interest totally different from what I used to love. Not that I don't love the things I used to do before... I just find it so amusing to drift to a different area I never see myself doing. And yes, there's cooking. I know I am a bad cook but since I needed to make my food to stay focus on my vegan/vegetarian journey, I turned over some pots and started boiling ;) So here's one I made myself and of course specially proud of. My Tofu Spinach Pasta

And yup, I never thought any food as easy to make as this one can be so delicious and healthy and yes, no living creature was therefore harm in the process... I hope. So here's what you need....

Tofu that I got from Tesco. I never used to like Tofu and never ever did I even imagine myself to love Tofu the way I am now. But you can never tell... life is never an expectation anyway. Well anyway, research shows that consuming too much soy can also be very risky to the health since it can cause breast cancer among women. But well too much of anything can never be good anyway. So a moderate serving of soy in your diet can be okay. I guess....

Some Pasta of your choice. 
You may use some organic ones but for now I can do with whatever is in the grocery store. Just my way of not sweating the small stuff... at least for now.

Garlic and Spinach

And a can of spaghetti sauce I grabbed from the grocery shelf. I know I can puree some tomatoes instead to make it even a healthier choice but this one is more convenient. But promise... next time... I will chose a healthier option.

Then prepare and cooked as if you do some regular spaghetti. But this time there's no meat and sure taste the same even healthier. And easy to make.

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    1. It is and I am very surprised. Maybe its the spaghetti sauce but next time I will try making my own spaghetti sauce. thanks for always dropping by love ;)